Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2020 - 2021.

Find the list of 25 students of the stream # Analyste Statisticien # and class # :class_name #.

Portrait Matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
20001 M. AMEDEE NDJIBO Madjitoloum Laokein Tchad To know more
20002 Mlle. ANICET Torinan Tchad To know more
20003 M. APIPI Brel Shabel Congo To know more
20004 M. BANZOUZI MIAMPASSI Hermann Congo To know more
19049 M. BOUKHARI Annadif Barka Tchad To know more
20005 Mlle. CHAIBOU IBRAHIM Mahamadou Niger To know more
20006 M. DAO Oumarou Burkina Faso To know more
20007 M. DJIMKORA Tahinguengar Tchad To know more
20024 Mlle. DOMEVENOU KOMLA Wisdom Togo To know more
20008 M. DONALD MIANKILA Kag-Mbeté Tchad To know more
20009 M. ESWA Jacques Tchad To know more
20010 M. GABOUNI Arcange Behi Congo To know more
20011 M. HISSEIN DADI Dadi Chaha Tchad To know more
20012 M. ITOUA ONDET Mervy Genese Congo To know more
20013 M. LOUFOUMA KAYA Offrande Tardi Congo To know more
20015 M. MOUSSA Hamid Adam Tchad To know more
20016 M. NANMADJI Saroguina Tchad To know more
20017 M. NGUEKLAYANOUBA Isidore Tchad To know more
20018 M. NKOUNKOU Christ Dorian Trésor Congo To know more
20019 M. NSIMBA MATONDO Lewi's Ravel Congo To know more

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