Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2020 - 2021.

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Find the list of 64 students of the stream # Ingénieur d'Application de la Statistique # and class # :class_name #.

Portrait Matricule Full Name Country of origin Dete de naissance Actions
19046 M. ABOULA EDANG Jean Grivo Gabon 2003-08-23 To know more
19047 Mlle. ANGOUNOU ATANGANA Hardy Darnelle Cameroun 2001-05-15 To know more
19048 M. ASSANE GOULETEGOME Gopina Tchad 2001-09-24 To know more
19050 Mlle. DIMO KITIO Ornella Cameroun 2001-03-26 To know more
19051 Mlle. DJUFFO KUETE Sidoine Cameroun 1999-02-06 To know more
19052 M. DOCTEUR LEWIS Ngané Tchad 1999-08-02 To know more
19054 M. EMO CHUAGOU Romaric Cameroun 2001-04-18 To know more
19055 M. FEUDJIO NGOUANET Valdes Botel Cameroun 1997-08-16 To know more
19056 M. FOGUE FEUSSI Franck Jorel Cameroun 2000-03-15 To know more
19057 M. GANOU VOUTSA Rosny Blondo Cameroun 2001-01-01 To know more
19058 M. HARWANIMANA NIYODUSHIMA Jules Christian Rwanda 1999-03-16 To know more
19059 M. KALPELBE Béria Chingnabé Tchad 1999-06-21 To know more
18035 M. LOUKOUBAMA Princy Coda Kénan Congo 1996-07-31 To know more
19060 M. MAHAMAT Moussa Hachim Tchad 2003-05-27 To know more
19061 M. MALESSA MPAN Jordy Nifrède Congo 1998-07-19 To know more
19062 M. MAMAN MARKA Mahamadou Niger 2000-10-08 To know more
19063 M. MAVOUNGOU BADOUA Robert Aureole Congo 1999-11-21 To know more
19064 Mlle. MAYOU SIMO Laurentine Cameroun 2000-05-08 To know more
19065 M. MIMB NKWEL Franck Laurel Cameroun 1998-07-18 To know more
19066 M. MIRIKO Mexan Rimajes Congo 1999-12-26 To know more

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