Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2020 - 2021.

Find the list of 91 students of the stream # Ingenieur Statisticien Economiste # and class # :class_name #.

Portrait Matricule Full Name Country of origin Dete de naissance Actions
19102 M. AMANI WEMA Patrick RDC 1992-05-27 To know more
19103 M. ANINIYO BOUNGOU Yannick Stish Congo 1997-01-28 To know more
19104 M. AYIAGNIGNI Mohamed Elkatib Cameroun 1996-07-14 To know more
19080 Mlle. BADJECK MVONDO Roberte Laureine Cameroun 1996-04-10 To know more
19081 M. BAKEBEG Luc Fabrice Janlin Cameroun 1994-07-03 To know more
19082 M. BITSAMOU Pagnol Eustache Congo 2000-09-20 To know more
19083 M. BOUEYA NGOUALA Brady De Grace Congo 1997-05-16 To know more
19105 M. DEFFO Christophe Cameroun 1995-04-22 To know more
19106 M. DELODJI Emile Xavier Tchad 1996-09-19 To know more
19107 M. DEMESSONG ANANFACK Gabriel Vidal Cameroun 1994-01-13 To know more
19108 M. DOUKPON Nounassou Lémec Ange Bénin 1999-04-06 To know more
19110 M. EMAM NZAME EKOME Dominique Gabon 1996-03-29 To know more
19085 M. FOBA KENGNE Guuci Gaius Cameroun 1994-10-16 To know more
15048 M. Fya Yves Wang-namou Tchad 1995-01-20 To know more
13010 M. GOKOWO AKO Guy Richard RCA 1985-12-22 To know more
19112 M. HOUEDJIEKPON Towanou Juste Bénin 1998-10-27 To know more
19088 M. KANFON Yélian Credo Auguste Bénin 1996-03-02 To know more
19089 M. KENGNI Stephane Landry Cameroun 1995-01-06 To know more
19091 M. KIENDREBEOGO Innocent Burkina Faso 1996-12-22 To know more
19114 M. KWEBITEU Valery Dimitri Cameroun 1998-04-28 To know more

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