Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2019 - 2020.

Find the list of 36 students of the stream # Technicien Supérieur de la Statistique # and class # :class_name #.

Class :: :class

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
18088 M. ABDELWAHID Ali Nour Guedemi République du Tchad To know more
16001 M. ASIE NSUGA Miguel Angel Ndong Guinée Equatoriale To know more
18106 M. BOUBA Boïga Garba Cameroun To know more
18108 M. DI-ELBA Thomas Cameroun To know more
18077 M. DIASSOUKA - MAMPOUYA  Exaucé Josse Alzin Mendel Congo To know more
16056 M. DIEUDONNE AUBERT Djaoussiyala Tchad To know more
18110 M. DONGUE NGUEMO Ernest-Junior Cameroun To know more
18111 M. DOUNTIO ZABOUE Franck Osée République du Cameroun To know more
18112 Mlle. EFEMBA DANG Robertine Manuella Cameroun To know more
18113 M. ENYEGUE Polycarpe Bertin Cameroun To know more
18085 M. ESSONO ENAME Toussaint Curtis Gabon To know more
18114 M. FRAICHELIN EDWARD Ngh'emwo Tchomgui Cameroun To know more
18115 Mme JOUBAÏDA Ali République du Cameroun To know more
18130 M. KAMWA NGAHA Christian Cameroun To know more
18068 M. KOYAWEDA Gervais Presley RCA To know more
18092 M. LADAMDEU Kannabe Tchad To know more
18070 M. LOUBAH GONDJE Christian RCA To know more
18081 M. LOUZOLO  Christinel Joberflu République du Congo To know more
18116 M. MANGA NKODO Martial Cameroun To know more
18089 M. MBAIAMNODJI Saint Thomas Tchad To know more

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