Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2009 - 2010.

Find the list of 27 students of the stream # Technicien Supérieur de la Statistique # and class # :class_name #.

Class :: :class

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
08TSS10 M. ABANDA DJATSA Serge Alain Cameroun To know more
08TSS11 M. ALHY YANGUERE Igor Davy RCA To know more
08TSS12 M. AUGUSTIN AWE Jean Louis Cameroun To know more
08TSS13 Mlle. AVOMO ASSOUMOU Gisèle Gabon To know more
08TSS14 M. AWAYA KOCHODEM Alexis Cameroun To know more
08TSS15 M. BABE DANKI Emmanuel Cameroun To know more
08TSS16 M. BAMANIKA BANTSIMBA Destin Congo To know more
08TSS17 M. BITSINDOU YINGA Mesmin Congo To know more
08TSS19 M. DOUAM Jules Firmin RCA To know more
08TSS20 M. EBANG EBANG EFUA Rostan Guinée Equatoriale To know more
08TSS21 M. EWANE EBOUELE Sergio Cameroun To know more
08TSS22 M. EYANGUEMEYA Oroup Gabon To know more
08TSS23 M. GOUDOUGOU Pierre Tchad To know more
08TSS24 M. KOLTONA PYDJE Honoré Tchad To know more
08TSS25 M. KUASSIA MOUOTIE Brice Hilarion Cameroun To know more
08TSS27 M. MAGBE Teddy Junior RCA To know more
08TSS28 Mlle. MANTSOUKA Nadège Congo To know more
08TSS30 M. MOBARA DJERSALA Tchad To know more
08TSS31 M. MONGOUO NGONKOLI Belly Vadim Congo To know more
08TSS32 M. NDOMO Alain Maxime RCA To know more

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