Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2020 - 2021.

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Find the list of 47 students of the stream # Techniciens Superieurs de la Statistique # and class # :class_name #.

Portrait Matricule Full Name Country of origin Dete de naissance Actions
19012 M. ABDOUL KADIRI IBRAHIM GONI Cameroun 2000-08-18 To know more
19129 M. ADJEBA MBA Christian Cameroun 1999-12-07 To know more
19013 M. AMANl PAUL Cameroun 1993-01-28 To know more
18098 M. NDONG NENGONO Amos Santiago Manana Guinée Equatoriale 1996-03-23 To know more
19014 M. AMOUGOU AMOUGOU Alain Patrick Cameroun 1995-05-10 To know more
19015 M. ANEGUE JEAN DE DIEU Cameroun 1995-11-15 To know more
18093 M. ANGO MEYIE Paterno Mozogo Guinée Equatoriale 1996-06-16 To know more
18094 M. ANGONO ANDEME Manuel Ndong Guinée Equatoriale 1997-06-23 To know more
19016 M. ASSOE Arnold Ulrich Cameroun 1998-08-20 To know more
19017 M. ATOKARI Séraphin Cameroun 1994-01-04 To know more
18076 M. BAKALA KINKIELELE Godiswith Datervelle Congo 1997-09-20 To know more
19019 M. BALEP BIBOUM Jean Alphege Cameroun 1998-01-15 To know more
19021 M. BISSA BOUKESSE Bernos Prosper Tony Westone RCA 1995-02-02 To know more
18105 M. BITOTO MPOAMB Vanick Junior Cameroun 1995-03-03 To know more
19022 M. BOUBA OUSMANOU DJAKAO Cameroun 1991-10-16 To know more
19024 M. CHINTOUO KPOUMIE NESTOR Cameroun 1996-02-25 To know more
18095 M. ASU AYINGONO David Abeso Guinée Equatoriale 1996-06-25 To know more
19025 M. DINAMOU CHRISTIAN BAGAO Cameroun 1994-08-12 To know more
18109 M. DONGUE Emile Joël Cameroun 1991-07-05 To know more
19027 M. ETOMBI MITENDE CORINNE FABIOLA Cameroun 1995-06-14 To know more

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