Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2015 - 2016.

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Find the list of 14 students of the stream # Agent Technique de la Statistique # and class # :class_name #.

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
14025 M. MANDZOUNGOU SANDENGA Igor Berenger Gabon To know more
14006 M. EWORO AYETEBE Oscar Antonio MABALE Guinée Equatoriale To know more
15105 Mlle. ANDEME ELA NFONO ANGELINA Guinée Equatoriale To know more
15106 Mlle. DOLLET PASSIO Winnie Belvia Priscille RCA To know more
15107 Mlle. MFOURGA - NGAMBA Thécia Claurène Congo To know more
14015 M. AYONG-MBA Boniface Gabon To know more
14013 M. AFAZOGHE NKOUMOU Donald To know more
14017 M. BENANOU Isaac Lago Tchad To know more
14044 M. GANONGO IBARA Caleb Godefroy Congo To know more
14066 M. MEDZO M'OBAME Antoine Gabon To know more
14028 M. MIKAMA MOUKEDE Jo To know more
14099 M. MOHAMADOU Yaya To know more
14008 M. NZE NGUEMA Juan Jonas ONDO Guinée Equatoriale To know more
14058 M. TSATSA Lionel Bienvela Congo To know more

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