Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2008 - 2009.

Find the list of 122 students of the stream # Ingénieur d'Application de la Statistique # and class # :class_name #.

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
08IAS01 Mlle. ASSENA NYANO Clémentine Marie Estelle Cameroun To know more
08IAS02 Mme. ASSONTSA DONFACK Justine Chimène Cameroun To know more
08IAS03 M. AZOUKALNE Moukénet Tchad To know more
08IAS04 M. BALOSSA Chriss Sivananda Congo To know more
08IAS05 M. DJEKOMBE RONY Mbâ-Minko Tchad To know more
08IAS06 Mlle. DJOMO SIME Lyse Gladys Cameroun To know more
08IAS07 M. DOBA Djaokamla Tchad To know more
08IAS08 Mlle. DONGMO KANA Vanessa Cameroun To know more
08IAS09 M. FOKOU TETOUGUENI Alex Brice Cameroun To know more
08IAS10 Mlle. KABEMBA MBUYI Delphine RDC To know more
08IAS11 M. KAMENI NZINTCHEU Pierre Arnaud Cameroun To know more
08IAS12 M. KELLY KODE Hugues Tchad To know more
08IAS13 M. KENFACK METAGHO Paulin Cameroun To know more
08IAS15 M. KENMEUGNE NJOKO Guy Rostand Cameroun To know more
08IAS14 Mlle KENFACK MODIO Léa Clémence Cameroun To know more
08IAS16 M. KOLOUNZA Donatien RCA To know more
08IAS17 M. LOUDEGUI DJIMDOU Magloire Tchad To know more
08IAS18 M. M’BANGA Pierre Jean Blarde Congo To know more
08IAS19 M. NAPO Sassire Togo To know more
08IAS20 M. NGOUNDJOU NKWINKEUM George Aurore Dupin Cameroun To know more

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