Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2008 - 2009.

Find the list of 26 students of the stream # Ingenieur Statisticien Economiste # and class # :class_name #.

Class :: :class

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
06ISE01 M. ALIA Didier Yelognissè Bénin To know more
06ISE02 M. AMEGBLE Koami Dzigbodi Togo To know more
06ISE03 Mlle. FOFANA Fâtimata Côte d'Ivoire To know more
06ISE04 M. HOUEDOKOU Wilfried Pkédonou Côte d'Ivoire To know more
06ISE05 Mlle. KENGNE KAMGA Arline Cameroun To know more
06ISE06 M. KEUNGNE KOUOTANG Leo-Spencer Cameroun To know more
06ISE07 M. KINGUE DJABANG Stéphane Cameroun To know more
06ISE08 M. KOM Yves Huster Cameroun To know more
06ISE09 M. KOUMOU Nettey Boêvi Togo To know more
06ISE10 M. MHALIOH Espoir-Vivien RCA To know more
06ISE11 M. NAKELSE Pascal Burkina Faso To know more
06ISE12 M. NDIADAÏ Martin Cameroun To know more
06ISE13 M. NDJANA Willy Freddie Cameroun To know more
06ISE14 M. NGAHANE TCHOUTA Cedric Donald Cameroun To know more
06ISE15 M. NGUENANG KAPNANG Christian Cameroun To know more
06ISE26 M. YOUSSOUF IBN ALI Tchad To know more
06ISE16 M. NGWESSE Roland Nzang Cameroun To know more
06ISE17 M. NZINGOULA Gildas Crépin Congo To know more
06ISE25 M. TSOMBOU KINFAK Christian Cyrile Cameroun To know more
06ISE18 M. OULD ISSELMOU Sidi Mauritanie To know more

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