Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2012 - 2013.

Find the list of 10 students of the stream # Ingenieur Statisticien Economiste # and class # :class_name #.

Class :: :class

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
12024 Mlle. FONDJA Josseline Sylvanie Cameroun To know more
12027 M. MINATTI FALKE Laouali Niger To know more
12028 M. MOUSSA S. GABASS Souleymane Niger To know more
12029 M. OGOULO BAZOUMA Cyrille G. RCA To know more
06IAS08 M. GOTORAYE Arnaud Tchad To know more
11ISE01 M. ALLAHISSEM Hervé Tchad To know more
08IAS04 M. BALOSSA Chriss Sivananda Congo To know more
08IAS07 M. DOBA Djaokamla Tchad To know more
08IAS16 M. KOLOUNZA Donatien RCA To know more
06IAS02 M. AKOUYA MOBOMA Roger Martinien RCA To know more

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