Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2012 - 2013.

Find the list of 11 students of the stream # Ingenieur Statisticien Economiste # and class # :class_name #.

Class :: :class

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
12006 M. DIMAI Luc Bienvenu Cameroun To know more
12007 M. GUENGANG TEDONGMO Martial Cameroun To know more
12009 M. NDJEKOU Christian RCA To know more
12010 Mlle. NGO MANGUELLE Myriam J. A Cameroun To know more
12011 M. RABO Souleymane Burkina Faso To know more
12013 M. RAMDE Serge Victorien Wendtinbnoma Burkina Faso To know more
12014 M. SEBE Gnèbèsoun Davy Bénin To know more
12015 Mlle. VIBOUDOULOU VILPOUX Mervy Ever Congo To know more
10IAS04 M. ANKI YAMBARE Congo To know more
12025 M. SILA KAMGA Hugues Cameroun To know more
11ISE15 M. AGOUA Médard Brice RCA To know more

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