Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2010 - 2011.

Find the list of 69 students of the stream # Technicien Supérieur de la Statistique # and class # :class_name #.

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
08TSS07 M. NDONG EBANG Paulino Guinée Equatoriale To know more
08TSS08 M NGÜA BIBANG OBONO Severo Guinée Equatoriale To know more
08TSS01 M. AFUGU ESONO MBENGONO République de Guinée Equatoriale To know more
08TSS26 M LIKASSI Guy Wilson Aurelien Congo To know more
08TSS29 Mlle. MBAZOGHE NKOUMOU Lesly Welsa Gabon To know more
09TSS27 M JOSEPH ARMAND SEPPE Cameroun To know more
09TSS26 M PEFEUTE SAA Ghislain Cameroun To know more
09TSS25 M. PANDONG EHOBWEL Stéphane Cameroun To know more
09TSS24 M. OUATELENDJI YANDJIA Bienvenu RCA To know more
09TSS23 M. OUAKA BEDANG Sylver Privat RCA To know more
09TSS22 M. OLLOMO ESSONO Manassé Gabon To know more
09TSS21 Mlle. NGA NKOMOM Françoise Reine Cameroun To know more
09TSS20 M. NDOUNANODJI NODJIAM Théophile Tchad To know more
09TSS19 M. NDANWE DERINGOU Alphonse Cameroun To know more
09TSS17 M. MESSINA KANDJOU Thierry Cameroun To know more
09TSS16 M. MBASSI ELOUNDOU Polycarpe Stéphan II Cameroun To know more
09TSS15 M MATONDO MILANDOU Francis Crépin Congo To know more
09TSS13 M. KAMGANG KAMMOE Simplice Cameroun To know more
09TSS14 M. KENFACK NANDA Bienvenu Cameroun To know more
09TSS12 M. GOUETNA SANDIO Serge Rostand Cameroun To know more

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