Les étudiants de l'ISSEA

List of students school year 2020 - 2021.

Find the list of 37 students of the stream # Ingenieur Statisticien Economiste # and class # :class_name #.

Class :: :class

Portrait matricule Full Name Country of origin Actions
19102 M. AMANI WEMA Patrick RDC To know more
19103 M. ANINIYO BOUNGOU Yannick Stish République du Congo To know more
19104 M. AYIAGNIGNI Mohamed Elkatib Cameroun To know more
19080 Mlle. BADJECK MVONDO Roberte Laureine Cameroun To know more
19081 M. BAKEBEG Luc Fabrice Janlin Cameroun To know more
19082 M. BITSAMOU Pagnol Eustache Congo To know more
19083 M. BOUEYA NGOUALA Brady De Grace Congo To know more
19105 M. DEFFO Christophe Cameroun To know more
19106 M. DELODJI Emile Xavier Tchad To know more
19107 M. DEMESSONG ANANFACK Gabriel Vidal Cameroun To know more
19108 M. DOUKPON Nounassou Lémec Ange Bénin To know more
19110 M. EMAM NZAME EKOME Dominique Gabon To know more
19085 M. FOBA KENGNE Guuci Gaius Cameroun To know more
15048 M. Fya Yves Wang-namou Australia To know more
13010 M. GOKOWO AKO Guy Richard RCA To know more
19112 M. HOUEDJIEKPON Towanou Juste Bénin To know more
19088 M. KANFON Yélian Credo Auguste Bénin To know more
19089 M. KENGNI Stephane Landry Cameroun To know more
19091 M. KIENDREBEOGO Innocent Burkina Faso To know more
19114 M. KWEBITEU Valery Dimitri Cameroun To know more

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